My work is best described by art critic David Betz, as "sensual organic abstract painting." My iconography (painting content) reflects my deep connection to nature and a desire to depict the underlying design of natural objects.  I express these ideas in an ongoing painting series that I call "Earth Objects."

"Earth Objects" are an exploration of organic found objects, twigs, leaves, and pods that I gather along local hiking trails. "Objects" collected are photographed and digitized in a software program called Photoshop.


Using a series of filters, I remove the object's "outer skin," revealing its "skeleton," denoting a tree without the leaves.  I carve a projected image of the "skeleton" image into the wet canvas (painter's primer) with the butt of a paintbrush creating exquisite surfaces. Thin layers of paint are brushed delicately over the beveled edges to unearth the skeletal impression of the sculptural object. Many successive layers of color are scrubbed into the surface resulting in the look of a natural process, like wind and water erosion, or soil stratification. Eventually, a picture emerges from the surface. The process is similar to an archaeologist brushing away thin layers of dirt to reveal skeletal remains. I named this process "image archaeology™." And I define it as follows:


im-age ar´chae-ol´o-gy™, [im-ij] [ahr-kee-ol-uh-jee], n. 1. The systematic recovery by artistic methods of imagery within the ground of a painting. 2. A dig into the surface ground with the butt of a paintbrush to imprint an image. 3. The space between the figure and the ground from which emerges a skeletal impression of an image. 4. Constant searching for the middle ground through the application of paint and projected thought that culminates into a work of art.

"There is a constant searching for the middle ground—the space between the figure and the ground—through the application of paint and projected thoughts. What remains behind or merges into existence is this exchange of energy between me and the picture plane that culminates into a work of art."