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Pine Cross is getting a lighter value

Today I will change the value of the entire surface by adding white to lighten the painting. Value in painting is the lightness or darkness of a color.

The teal background is dark and similar in value to the pine cone itself. I want to lighten the teal background, so that the pine cone stands out more. In order to do this, I will bring up the value of the teal color by adding white to a mixture of teal and red.

Painting before


Color Mixing Video

This video shows the color that was mixed to lighten the background of the painting.

Painting After Color is Applied

The teal background color has been toned down in intensity. by adding a lighter shade of green on its surface. I used a scumbling method to layer the paint onto the surface. The pine cone has a different feel, and no longer competing with the bright green background color. It seems to be more at rest in the surrounding environment.

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